About Tony

Tony is committed to Liberty, Peace and Prosperity and strongly believes in the US Constitution.  He considers himself a ‘centrist’ and not a party controlled candidate.  He will vote his conscious and not that of a political action committee, a special money interest or even the party line if he does not agree his vote is in the best interests of the people.


Prior to moving to California, Tony Teora grew up in New Jersey.  His father Anthony, an immigrant from Italy and a World War veteran, married his mother Elizabeth Franklin.

As a young man Tony was awarded a full scholarship to Moses Brown High School in Providence R.I. though A Better Chance. A Better Chance typically assists those of color, such as Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick who also received this scholarship.  Tony was one of the few people of non-color to receive this illustrious award.

Tony later attended Rutgers Engineering School on a full scholarship receiving a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E).   Over the years Tony has studied at the University of Maryland (Japanese), Harvard Business School (IT Executive Education) and UCSD (Computer Science).


After attending Rutgers Tony soon got involved in business and politics with a proven record as fiscal conservative. He assisted the Jackson Organization for Less Taxation (JOLT) and was also active in the NJ Conservative Party movement working closely with NJCP Founder Tom Blomquist in the ‘93 election.

In 1994 Tony moved to California and took a job as a Computer Science Instructor for Central Texas College in San Diego.  Teaching on the Navy’s Program for Afloat College Education Tony taught for two years on various Navy ships traveling the globe and eventually settling in Japan.  He started two businesses in Japan. One was an internet company serving the military and another did software and consulting for financial firms. Tony studied at night and learned the Japanese language. He met his wife Komaki and decided to move back to San Diego in 2004 to focus on a writing career. They got married in 2008 are happily expecting their first child (a son) later in 2014.

Tony currently works as a Vice President, Data Solutions Manager, for Union Bank and as a science fiction author at night, penning various novels and short stories over the years.

Tony is a member of the Freemasons, Lodge #35 and also the Sons of The American Legion Post 468, Julian CA.