Tony Teora- Jobs for Californians

Some folks, including Governor Brown are claiming that jobs grew in California. Brown said, “Two million new jobs have been created and unemployment has dropped in half.” (Since 2011). He said this in his record 14th State of the State address, adding: “Of course, the global recovery has a lot to do with that. So, we should applaud, but we can’t control it, too.”

What troubles me, and should trouble everyone is that the poverty rate in California is at 16.4% (according to the most recent census data from 2014, up from 12.4% in 2007.)

Now, when you add in the cost of living (California taxes, high cost of gas and food), you discover that the real rate of poverty is over 20%! (See some links below). Brown discusses 2 million new farm jobs, but these must be low wage jobs otherwise why the increase in poverty? We need to find ways to encourage the creation of high paying jobs. What we are doing must change. If we keep trying the same old career politicians, we are going to get the same results. And our families cannot afford doing the same things over and over. Having poverty increase means our government is a failure.

Here are some ideas I would suggest in Sacramento when I am elected to office.

Good Paying Job Creation.   And no, this is not just raising the minimum wage. It sounds good, but in reality the minimum wage hike on small businesses (overall) will hurt workers and small businesses. Some will win while most lose. Read up on Seattle’s situation.

So what do we do? Get Smart.

How about tightening student loans to schools in California to only those schools that can prove they get our graduates jobs? How about the state allowing people to take student loans to become an electrician? To become a dental assistant? A legal assistant? A certified car mechanic? What about more trade schools for computer training? Silicon Valley wants to outsource our jobs to India (and they are, believe me, I see it firsthand). Why don’t we give incentives for more people to go to say a 6 month computer training class (from home)? Gives companies incentives to hire these new IT workers rather than outsource our jobs? It can be done with today’s technology but we need to encourage high-speed internet, and I mean hi-speed real-time video quality internet. We need this more than we need a high-speed bullet train. We need to work with our high schools, colleges and local community to give the right incentives. In order to do that we need to elect people to office who understand jobs, not career politicians like a 16 year mayor Randy Voepel. Listen to for yourself below at his own words as why he’s running.

Vote for Tony Teora in 2016 for California State Assembly.

Mayor Randy Voepel – Money in Politics

Randy Voepel will brag that is he is the only candidate with a track record of successfully implementing policies at a local level because is a Mayor. I disagree.

Tony Teora worked in the early 1990’s fighting the tax man at a local level. New Jersey has some of the most oppressive taxes in the country. Tony Teora is a leader who helped build the NJ Conservative party, partnering with the late founder Tom Blomquist. Tony Teora assisted with the Jackson Organization for Less Taxation to fight city hall with oppressive taxes. This was done by educating the public and fighting corrupt politicians. Working in government isn’t the only place to get change done at the local level. Some might argue that politics is corrupted by money. I agree.

Money in Santee Politics

Do folks know that Randy Voepel believes politicians need more avenues for campaign contributions? They need more money? What does that really buy? Let me explain some facts. In July of 2015 Randy Voepel ‘proposed changing the City of Santee Campaign Contribution limits by ‘raising the contribution amount to $1,000.00 and expanding the scope or range of contributors to also include Businesses, Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, and PACs, and to remove the “local bank” requirement.’

The system is rigged as companies buy elections and Randy Voepel seems to think this is just fine. More importantly he wants to make it easier by changing the law to include them.

That’s right; Randy Voepel believes we need more money in politics.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote: “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

If you don’t like our current government and want someone who will fight for you who’s not controlled by special interests, then elect Tony Teora for State Assembly in District 71.


Randy Voepel – Up in Smoke in District 71


Natasha Zouves wrote in 2014: ‘The city of Santee recently received a failing grade from the American Lung Association for allowing people to smoke in city parks.’ In response, Mayor Randy Voepel wore all black and a cigar tie to a City Council meeting. He said in his eyes “F stands for freedom.”  I think his ‘F’ stands for ‘Fanatical’.

I think Randy Voepel is up in smoke because I think wearing this outfit as a public figure is insulting to anyone who’s lost a family member to lung cancer. We deserve better from our mayors.

Mayor Voepel boasts that Santee has fantastic parks & recreation services. While I admit San Diego county and Santee have great parks, Randy could make them better, but chose not to. Worse, he doesn’t believe second hand smoking is an issue. (Read some studies Randy, I listed one from Stanford below). He may not realize it but he promotes smoking with his outfit. Smoking kills close to a half million people per year and costs this country billions. I understand freedom and people’s right to smoke, but does he need to proudly wear a tie with a smoking cigar? Not a great role model. My father died from lung cancer when the tobacco industry said smoking did not cause cancer. The American Lung Association gave Mayor Voepel an ‘F’. I can’t imagine how much the tobacco lobbyists love Voepel. I believe in freedom, but I also believe in common sense. Vote for Tony Teora for State Assembly in 2016.

Randy Voepel, I, Tony Teora  challenge you to join me in snuffing out tobacco in politics:



Randy Voepel – No Comment?

Santee Mayor Randy Voepel recently told the Times of San Diego  that he never comments on people’s beliefs. He was being asked about Leo Hamel’s Scientology connections. Leo is running against myself and Randy in District 71.

Mr. ‘No Comment’ Randy Voepel clearly shows he lacks the leadership skills to work in Sacramento. People want leaders who have a mind, who will get something done, and who have sound judgment, even opinions. Not someone who ‘never comments’.

If someone is running for office and has beliefs that we think are wrong, should we not comment? Of course we should. Randy Voepel, do you think you should have an opinion if you are running against someone who was at some time involved in a cult? Randy Voepel, did you know that Scientology is considered a cult in some countries? Scientology has been sued for teaching ‘medicine’ without a license.

Folks want representatives in Sacramento who have opinions, ideas and good judgment. Randy Voepel is a career politician without a comment.

If you want a true leader for District 71, vote for Tony Teora in 2016. I promise you I will have comments, ideas and solutions to help East County, District 71.

“You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”

L. Ron Hubbard- creator of Scientology

“I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”

~Charles de Gaulle


Teora Supports Farmers with Smart Drought Solutions for California

Drought. That word is a big problem for farmers in my California district 71. It is even a worse problem throughout the state. The climate has changed; there is an overall reduction in annual rainfall for farmers in California. The underground water sources, some deep and over ten thousand years old, are being drained. As an engineer, I’m used to solving complicated problems. But this is a big one and there are no easy solutions. 80% of the water in California is used by farms, and farms are important to California citizens and as food security for the United States. I don’t think we want to give up because the problem is hard. We just need to work smarter and harder to come up with a solution. We need responsible, scalable, sustainable solutions that are great for the farmers and for the people of our great state of California. Here are some ideas I would propose as a state legislator in California:

1. All Solutions must be Smart and Sustainable:  We need to work on smart, sustainable growth. Solutions that do not scale with growth then need to have growth stopped, or we need a smarter solution. We cannot, and should not waste our precious water, nor destroy our farms. Tony Teora believes we must have smart sustainable water solutions for California. This is one of Teora’s top agendas for the state besides creating jobs.

2. Root Cause:  In solving engineering or computer problems, we need to under the ‘root cause’ to ensure our solution solves for that problem. The root cause may be climate change in California, population growth, changes in farming, etc. I suspect growth, and the droughts are key factors. I recommend we have the California Water Commission work smarter or create a special ‘think-tank’ to work on smart solutions. Tony Teora believes we should include the greatest minds in the state, country and plane to solve California’s water problems. We need to include the experts to get an expert solution.

3. Stupid Regulations, Lawsuits & Politics:  Even with smart solutions, we have many stupid politicians, laws and tons of wasteful bureaucracy in California. We need to cut the red tape to use smart technologies. Desalinization is used successfully in countries like Israel but the red-tape adds cost in California. We need to increase the number of desalinization plants and reduce the cost. Water security for our state is vital. Tony Teora will vigorously support more, cheaper, less red-tape desalinization plants.

4. Irrigation Incentive Support:   Drip irrigation and other techniques will help farmers. Tony Teora believes we need to reduce taxes and give bigger credits to farmers who upgrade their technologies. Teora support’s multi-year tax abatements to farmers who can show they are using smart solutions for their future farms.

When I am elected to the California state assembly, I promise to attack this critical issue. As an engineer, and NOT a politician, I know I can do this better than my competitors. We have too many politicians and not enough engineers/businessmen working in Sacramento.

Vote Tony Teora 2016 for District 71!



For details notes on my competitor Randy Voepel’s solution on the drought (‘Water’), you can go to his website at:   Or, you can read this re-print from Randy Voepel’s site:

‘Water We need visionary leadership on this issue. Throughout the years, our state’s leaders have failed to build an adequate water infrastructure, and now we’re paying the price. In addition, environmental ideologues have created additional barriers that prevent responsible water management, as our state laws are designed to favor fish over people. As an Assemblymember, I’ll bring a common-sense approach to this issue and ensure our state has a long-term plan for water.’

Sounds like ‘visionary leadership’, but where are the specifics Randy Voepel?



Tony Teora for State Assembly 2016- Fighting for Freedom!

“I want California to be the freest state in the Union. I will fight to bring back our Freedom and Liberty. Laws like forced vaccinations (SB277) are morally and ethically wrong. It takes away parental choice and judgement in their children’s health and puts it in the hands of government and big pharma. Taking away parental choice is an infringement on people’s religious and personal beliefs.”

—Tony Teora

I am proud to announce my candidacy for State Assembly in California district 71 for 2016. I thought long and hard whether to run again, but the decision was made easy when I saw how the state has further eroded into a government run Nanny State. People in Sacramento have forgotten how important it is to be free. The people in my district of East County know how important freedom is to their lives. We don’t want much from government. We actually want less. We want fewer taxes, less involvement in our personal lives. We want the freedom to choose what vaccines to give our children. We don’t want the government adding new laws to the Second Amendment. We want a good and affordable educational system. We want to be free to pursue happiness. Our government has no authority other than that granted by the people. Let’s work together to make some changes and fight for our freedoms!

Why vote for Tony Teora? California State Assembly District 71

Why vote for Tony Teora?

On Tuesday November 4th many people will go to the polls and many others won’t. It is estimated that only 23% of young Americans will vote. If you look at how elections are run, with campaigns spending millions of dollars smearing opponents and misrepresenting the truth, it’s no wonder why people are discouraged. Many young people don’t have your standard TV channels, but use the internet to get their news. I watch TV maybe twice a week, and that’s more than enough, especially this week with all the campaign ads.

The sad truth is that most candidates are indebted to corporate or special interests. The candidate may have good intentions but they are quickly steam rolled over by the political money machine.

If you do a google search asking: ‘Why politicians run for office?’ you will notice that by the time you write: ‘Why politicians…’ that google will show you the top searches. The top three are:

“Why politicians lie?”

Why politicians are bad”

“Why politicians are corrupt”

So, is this is the image of politicians? I think it is because whoever gets elected is owned by special interests. Politicians say one thing to get elected and then vote according to the money they are provided. Thus, many lie to get elected. That is part of the corruption.

I’m not a career politician and I think that is a good thing. My public finance forms, like others, are available to the public. I did not accept one penny from special interests or corporations. Try to find another candidate in a major party that can make that honest claim. I’m running against an incumbent in my own party, and although I respect and share many of Assembly Brian W. Jones’s positions, I do not share in taking corporate or special interest money. He and I differ on education, climate change and social issues. I am a fiscal conservative but moderate on the social issues. You will not see me on some slick TV advertisement or billboard. You would need to search to find me, and if you did, I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 4th.   Someone recently asked me why I was running. Well, at the age of 51 my wife and I just had our first child, Anthony Jr., a little over a month ago. I’m running because of the future I think possible for my child and for all Californians. The middle class is being destroyed financially. There are many reasons. I plan to work to fight for the middle class and people’s freedom and liberty. Vote for me on Tuesday November 4th and if elected I promise to do what’s right for the people of California and America, not some special interest group.

Vote for Tony Teora on November 4th!



Are you Free? NSA Spying and Freedom in California

Can California and the American Republic survive without privacy and the Fourth Amendment?

As most Californians should be aware, all your Google searches, emails, online files transfers and online traffic is stored for monitoring by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Many of our Constitutional rights have been watered down over the years, are we ready to give up the Fourth Amendment, the right against unreasonable searches and seizures? The framers of the constitution would have considered your emails and online activity personal effects covered under the Fourth Amendment. I think if these transgressions are not corrected it will be the end of America as any of us has ever known it.

But I will not give up without a fight. If you elect me in November I promise to support bills like SB 828, “A Citizen’s Protection Act”. This bill would protect 38 million Californians by forbidding state agencies or their employees from turning over information to the NSA (such as DMV records).

We should prevent the NSA from collecting data on law abiding citizens without a warrant. That is not the America I was brought up, and I don’t want my children living in a surveillance police state.  You shouldn’t either. Privacy is paramount to freedom and liberty.

Tony Teora for State Assembly 2014

Fight for California Jobs- Stopping Rick Perry and Texas with the Right Incentives

We need more bills like State Assembly bill AB1839 that supported $100 million in Film and TV tax credits to support California business and jobs. I, Tony Teora, would have pushed for at least $500 million in tax credits. (NY has $420 million and is taking business away from the Golden State). Losing businesses like Toyota to Texas must stop. Having Rick Perry come to California in a Tesla looking at other California poaching opportunities should be a wake-up call. If elected to the State Assembly I promise to sponsor bills to help business and people’s paychecks, not just talk and complain about being over-taxed as many of our other legislators do.

California Faculty Association Endorses Teora for State Assembly

The best road to advancement is freedom’s road, and education is the torch that lights the path. I am proud that the California Faculty Association, and it 23,000 faculty, librarians, counselor and coaches on twenty-three campuses have chosen to support my run for State Assembly. Education is key to our hard fought freedoms and liberties and I intend to fight to uphold and support our students, teachers, and anyone involved with advancing our education, including reducing the heavy burden that’s placed on our students with rising costs. We need to invest in our future with affordable higher education and I intend to take on that fight to the State Assembly.

- Tony Teora